Online learning on Cardiac Arrythmias

Online Courses on Cardiac Arrythmias

For more in depth learning on Cardiac Arrythmias please visit the Johnson & Johnson Institute for specific online courses related to Cardiac Arrythmias Diagnosis and Ablation.

Medscape online medical education

Medscape's online medical education

Through Medscape's online medical simulations, we want to provide real-world scenarios and patient interactions to enable healthcare professionals to practice and learn in a safe, true-to-life environment.

The MedSims replicates the realism and unpredictability of actual practice through case-based scenarios for a true-to-life learning experience on Diagnosis and Management of AF patients.

Each Immersive patient simulation includes:

  • Comprehensive patient charts available anytime throughout the simulation
  • Immersive video interviews to allow you to engage with the patient
  • Tests do allow you to make decisions about the proper course of action
  • Access to Peer Review to compare your performance to your peers
  • CME Accreditation

This activity is intended for cardiologists, primary care physicians

Simulation = better decisions = better outcomes for your AF patients

MedSims clinical practice simulation

MedSims clinical practice simulation

'Moving Beyond Pharmacologic Therapy in Cardiac Arrhythmia Management’
Drs. Jerome Lacotte, MD and Giuseppe Stabile, MD  

This educational activity is intended for an international audience of non-US cardiologists, primary care physicians, and neurologists.

The goal of this activity is to provide clinicians who treat patients with cardiac arrhythmias with the latest scientific data and guideline-based clinical concepts surrounding patient care, including assessing disease severity and comorbidities, selecting appropriate therapy, and optimizing individualized patient care.

Upon completion of this activity, participants will have greater competence related to:

  • Assessment and treatment of patients who have failed pharmacologic antiarrhythmic therapy
  • Selection of new options, including consideration for AF-related therapeutic procedures, for symptom relief, recurrence, mortality, and quality of life in patients in whom treatment with pharmacologic therapies has failed, based on clinical practice guideline recommendations, recent trial experience, and specialist advice