atrial fibrillation symptoms

Track your symptoms

If you have been experiencing any symptoms of dizziness, breathlessness, heart flutter, or other Atrial Fibrillation symptoms, it’s a good idea to use our symptoms tracker resource to note down your symptoms, how long you have been experiencing them for, and if they have been brought on or triggered by certain things like alcohol, exercise, or caffeine.

Share these details with your doctor so they can see if there is any pattern emerging. It can also give your doctor a full picture of the different symptoms affecting you and how often these occur.

afib symptoms

Check out your Symptom Score

Not everyone with AF will experience symptoms, however the majority of people will notice signs of AF. What symptoms are affecting you, how often are these occurring and how are they impacting on your everyday activities?

Download and complete the “My Symptom Score” questionnaire– it will give you an overall score which indicates how significantly your symptoms are impacting on your health and well-being.

Take a copy to your next doctor’s appointment as this information can help inform decisions around the best treatment options for you.