AFib Patient Stories

Meet AFib patients who have undergone successful catheter ablation procedures after drug therapy failed or was ineffective. Watch and read their stories to learn how catheter ablation changed their lives. This safe treatment for AFib helped them regain the quality of life they thought was gone forever.

Life can change in a heartbeat. Don’t wait to treat your AFib.

sam sitting

Meet Sam

Sam Choy, a famous chef and the godfather of poke, started experiencing symptoms of AFib during a flight back to Hawaii. When medications deemed ineffective, Sam had a catheter ablation which allowed him to continue to live his fast-paced life.

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Jacqueline biking

Meet Jacqueline

As an active 82-year-old, Jacqueline could not tolerate her AFib medications. After four emergency room visits, her doctor suggested catheter ablation as a treatment option. After catheter ablation, Jacqueline felt great and was back to herself again.

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Adam headshot

Meet Adam

As a surfer, lifeguard, and runner, Adam was surprised that despite his healthy, active lifestyle, he was diagnosed with AFib, a heart arrhythmia which caused him to feel weak and tired. He struggled with medications for many years before electing to have a catheter ablation to treat his AFib.

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Meet Eddie

Eddie Judge, Real Housewives of Orange County Reality Star and Gym owner, experienced symptoms of AFib which prevented him from working out and biking. He’s now partnering with Get Smart About AFib to share his story.

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Meet Donne and Jan

Meet Donne and Jan

After a few small strokes, Jan was diagnosed with AFib. Later, her husband Donne was also diagnosed with AFib. Watch to learn how this couple treated their hearts with radiofrequency catheter ablation.

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Meet Stan

Meet Stan

Stan’s love for running was put to a halt when he started experiencing symptoms of Atrial Fibrillation. Watch to learn how catheter ablation helped Stan get back to running again.

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Meet Neleta

AFib caused Neleta to feel tired, short of breath, and weak, preventing her from performing simple tasks such as taking out the trash and doing the dishes.

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Meet Rusty

Meet Rusty

After being a pilot for 40 years, Rusty was suddenly grounded when he was diagnosed with AFib. Watch this video to learn how catheter ablation cleared Rusty to return to his passion, flying planes.

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Meet Johhn

Meet John

After suffering from sleep apnea, John was diagnosed with AFib. He tried medications but they didn't work so he underwent a catheter procedure to treat his AFib. Watch this video to learn how John lost 30 pounds after his procedure.

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More Stories

Meet Ken

“I had no idea that my increased fatigue was something more serious.”
- Ken S.
Active retiree

A retired executive running for political office, Ken thought his elevated fatigue was normal. He was diagnosed with AFib and sought an alternative treatment after three cardioversions offered only temporary relief.

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Meet Sue

“It kind of feels like a panic attack. I was short of breath and dizzy.”
- Sue H.
Senior with heart conditions

Sue H., 69, and her husband were in the middle of a stressful move and in between homes when she started experiencing heart flutters. Her “episodes” as she calls them would happen every couple of weeks at first, and then they started interrupting her life a couple of times a week.

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“The most disruptive feeling was knowing I had an irregular heartbeat and constantly wondering what it meant long term for my life, my health and my career.”
- Tim K.
Family man and airline pilot

Tim chose catheter ablation to treat his irregular heartbeat after his medication left him feeling tired and did not fully correct his AFib. Tim underwent catheter ablation, which restored his energy and allowed him to continue his career as a pilot. “Since undergoing catheter ablation, my heart has continued to beat perfectly and strongly 100% of the time, and I feel great!

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